Cemetery explorers

Suitable for:6 to 10, 11 to 16

It’s natural to think of cemeteries (graveyards) as sad places. You might even find them a bit creepy. But let’s look at them another way: Sheffield’s cemeteries tell the story of our city and the people who’ve lived here. They’re peaceful, green spaces too. So, a cemetery can be a great place to explore and learn.

Ready to explore?

Visit the City Road or the General cemetery. What’s the oldest grave you can find? What does it tell you about life in the city at that time?

Find a grave that you think is interesting. Do a bit of research about that person if you can. What sort of life do think they led? Write a story or a poem about them, or draw a picture and share online using #sheffieldcemetery

City Road Cemetery
City Road Cemetery

Something to record what you see, for example a notebook, sketch pad or camera.

Sheffield has always been home to inspirational women, women who changed history and paved the way for how we live today. Many of these trailblazers, including feminist pioneer Eliza Rooke and children’s author Alice Hall, are buried in the General Cemetery.

To find out more, visit: https://www.gencem.org

For a full list of Sheffield cemeteries and opening times, see the city council’s website.