After the event

Suitable for:11 to 16

Imagine yourself in the future.. running in the London Marathon.. the crowd cheers you on as you cross the finish line.. your friends are here too.. someone wraps a blanket around your shoulders.. as far as you can see, people are grinning and cheering and clapping.. You did it!!!

After the event

Wrap yourself in a blanket to create a safe a cosy space to think creatively..

Project yourself into the future, imagine you have just achieved something amazing, like running the London Marathon. It can be anything, whatever is important and exciting to you. Imagine how you will feel afterwards. 

Uncover the details, this is where the story will come alive. 

How can you tell your story creatively? Here are a few ideas...

  • write a short story or script
  • act it out
  • create a comic strip
  • make an audio recording
  • make a film
  • perform a speech

Or use your own creative ideas! Own it. It's your story! 

This activity was written by Growtheatre as part of the IVE-led initiative Bags of Creativity. You can read all about it in our Story.

Growtheatre is a theatre company with a difference, they develop theatre and creative projects inspired by their environment and landscape, bringing about a greater sense of community and belonging.