A flag for Sheffield

Suitable for:0 to 5, 6 to 10, 11 to 16

Our city doesn’t have a flag, though lots of cities, counties and states around the world do.
International organisations and movements also have flags that represent them.

Who better to design a flag for Sheffield than its young people? Give it a go, and share your ideas with friends using #sheffieldflag

What do you think a Sheffield flag should look like? Would it reflect how our city was founded, our industrial heritage or our hopes for the future? Or maybe a bit of all three? Think about symbols, shapes, colours, and play around with some ideas.

Traditional flags are designed using traditional techniques and what’s called heraldic imagery. They tend to be quite geometric too. But who says you have to be traditional? Maybe your design will bring something new to the craft.


Your design could be hand-drawn on cartridge paper, using felt tips or poster paints.

You could make a collage using coloured card and cut-out shapes, or fabric, coloured felt and felt glue. If all that sounds too messy, you could design your flag on a computer, phone or tablet, using a painting app.

You could take inspiration from Sheffield’s heritage when thinking about your design. Take a look at these places for stories from the city’s past. Sheffield’s art galleries are also a good place to get inspired and they have tons of online content. Take a look at this city centre gallery trail for inspiration.