#46 Fantastic Paper Folding

Suitable for:0 to 5

Do you remember having a friend or relative who could make things out of paper? Did you and your brother or sister make paper planes and have a competition to see whose could fly the farthest? Did you used to make ‘chatterboxes’ with your friends and spend ages asking each other questions such as ‘What’s your favourite colour'? Re-live your childhood with your child!

These activities are suitable for children aged 2 and up, but children may be interested in flying paper planes, long before they can fold one themselves!

How to do it

There are lots of simple things you can make with your child. You might need to look up instructions to remind yourself how to make things - YouTube has lots of easy to follow videos. Make a paper chain to decorate the house. Draw patterns or pictures or stick things on the paper first. Fold a longer piece of paper, like a newspaper page, several times and cut out the shape of a doll making sure the hands and feet are not cut at the fold, so when you unfold the paper you have a whole chain of them holding hands!

Folding paper is a fun thing to do. It is a chance to work together and make something to be proud of. You might start with a paper chain to decorate the house, folding a piece of paper to make a simple fan, an easy paper aeroplane, have a go at simple origami (the Japanese art of paper folding) or make a ‘chatterbox’ together, using a chatterbox to ask a friend’s favourite colour!

This adventure is part of the Sheffield 50 Things to Do Before You're Five . Head over to their website to tick-off 50 fantastic things for you and your child to experience together. 

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A square of plain or coloured paper. Strips of paper and glue for paper chains. Newspaper for simple paper hats, boats or ‘dolly chains’. Crayons, or coloured shapes to decorate if you want.

Top tip

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Have a look with your child at some of the amazing things that can be made out of paper, just search for origami!

Follow the instructions carefully, start with very simple paper folding and practice!

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