#25 Creative Junk

Suitable for:0 to 5

Your child’s imagination can be fired by using large and smaller boxes to create a car, a fire engine, a house or a ship! A box large enough for your child to climb into might need nothing more than imagination to be anything in the world!

How to do it

Use boxes that have been used for large household items like fridges, washing machines and don’t forget to ask friends and neighbours to be on the look out for a great box! Encourage your child to look at the detail of lorries and rockets and draw or paint them or use smaller boxes and containers to stick on to the bigger box.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a large box, you can still use lots of smaller pieces of ‘junk’ and create exciting, fun and imaginative things. The best bit of this activity is letting your child lead and make whatever they like. You might be surprised about what they come up with!

This adventure is part of the Sheffield 50 Things to Do Before You're Five . Head over to their website to tick-off 50 fantastic things for you and your child to experience together. 

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Large, medium and small boxes, tubs, tubes and plastic bottles.
Pens, paints, glue, sticky tape.
Scissors, glitter, buttons, lids, string.
Picture books about transport and buildings.

Top tip

Creative junk can get messy so make sure you do it in an area where things can’t get damaged, cut or splattered with paint or glue. An old sheet or wipeable table cloth usually does the trick.

Make sure staples that hold the box together are child safe – perhaps cover with tape to avoid scratches.

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Don't forget to head to the Sheffield 50 Things to Do Before You're Five website for more activities